Hematopathologist (lab specialist)

Work Type:
36 - 45
Princess Máxima Center for Pediatric Oncology
Utrecht, The Netherlands
Vacancy published on:
June 12, 2023
Vacancy closing date:
July 16, 2023

The Princess Máxima Center for Pediatric Oncology is the largest pediatric comprehensive cancer center in Europe. More than 450 scientists and 900 healthcare professionals work together in Utrecht. All children with cancer in the Netherlands are treated in the Máxima. Throughout our research programs we intend and expect to improve cancer care of the future. We actively collaborate with Dutch and international hospitals and research centers laying the foundation for further acceleration of pediatric oncological research, now and in the future. Our ultimate goal is to cure every child with cancer, with optimal quality of life.

Our ambition is to be one of the leading scientific research institutes for pediatric oncology in the world. The bundling of various expertise will lead to a comprehensive, well-equipped pediatric oncology institute. Our research covers the entire spectrum from fundamental research using cutting-edge technologies and translational experiments to develop personalized therapies to psychosocial studies that monitor wellbeing of the whole family.

Our laboratory has a central role between care and research. Diagnostics of all tumors, both hematological and solid tumors are performed. . We have several fully operational state-of-the-art core facilities and areas of expertise in our center to support and standardize commonly used technologies. These technologies vary from cytomorphology and histology to immunohistochemistry, flowcytometry and extensive molecular diagnostics, including single cell genomics, whole transcriptome and whole exome sequencing.
We strive for innovation and quickly implement findings from research (ours or others) within routine diagnostics. Molecular and genetic diagnostics are developing rapidly and we adapt our precision diagnostics workflow upon these findings, in order to offer precision medicine as standard-of-care.

What to expect?

We are looking for a pathologist with experience in hematopathology and with research affinity, especially in the leukemia field. In addition, some knowledge of other tumors is necessary as you will participating in on-call services covering the whole spectrum of (neoplastic) pathology. As we want to improve facilitating hematological results by forming a full detailed comprehensive report, a leading role in this is expected. This report, tying together all results of various analyses, is of major importance for patientcare and will add extra information for individualized treatment. We currently integrate all data in a multidisciplinary meeting, but not yet in our report.

As a pathologist you will perform:
• Diagnostics in the field of hematopathology in particular
• Patient consultations (tumor boards)
• On-call services
• Organizational work related to the laboratory (participation in our quality system, innovation and integration of hematological diagnostics)
• Introduction of new (molecular) techniques in diagnostics
• Contribution to international pathology panels and clinical trials
• Contribution to research projects, both from clinic and research, or design of own research

You will report to our Head of Laboratory and be deployed in all domains in which Máxima is active: care, research, innovation. You will join the diagnostic team, with your specific expertise as a hematopathologist. The pathology team consists of six pathologists, including two hematopathologists. Furthermore, hemato-oncologists, medical immunologists, clinical molecular biologist specialists and bioinformaticians are part of the laboratory staff. As our reports are in Dutch, you will have to learn the Dutch language.


We are looking for an enthusiastic and motivated pathologist to contribute to this endeavor and who is willing to follow a training program for this purpose: morphological and flow cytometric assessment blood, liquor and bone marrow diagnostics (possibly also abroad).

What you need to be successful?
• Registered as a Medical Specialist Pathologist or are in the final quarter of training
• Completed or nearly completed a PhD
• You will participate in on-call shifts
• Good social and communication skills
• Motivated and flexible working attitude

Working at the Princess Máxima Center for Pediatric Oncology

In accordance with the collective labour agreement ‘cao AMS, the salary is minimum of €7.196,- euro and maximum of €12.823,- euro gross per month for a full-time working week (45 hours). Your gross monthly salary will depend on experience and background, complemented by 8,33% gross monthly salary holiday allowance and compensation for on-call services.

Máxima International Community (MIC) aims to create a community for all our international staff and raise awareness throughout the organization of the international character of our center.

MIC deals with the various projects:
• Events: we regularly organize events to bring international colleagues together!
• Housing: we try to help our (international) staff find (temporary) housing in and around Utrecht.
• Buddy program: New international employees can be paired with Máxima employees who support them before they start at Máxima and in the months after.
• Language skills: A certified course to learn Dutch, fully paid for by the Máxima.
Are you excited about this position?

You can apply for this position before July 16th on our website: https://werkenbijprinsesmaximacentrum.nl/en/vacancy/hematopathologist-lab-specialist/


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