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The Executive Committee (EXCO) of the European Association for Haematopathology consists of a president, a past-president, a president-elect, a secretary-treasurer and a meeting-secretary and 6 officers of which one is the local organizer of the upcoming 2-yearly meeting.
Further, hematopathologists are proposed to the General Assembly for election in the EXCO to represent various European countries and cover expertises pertinent to the organization.

Since 2018, one EXCO member is included to represent the growing group of molecular biologists active in hematopathology diagnostic practice.  Moreover, representatives of our sister organizations the European Bone Marrow Working Group (EBMWG) and Society for Hematopathology take part in the EA4HP EXCO.

Stefan Dirnhofer

President 2022-2024

Maurilio Ponzoni

President Elect 2022-2024

Leticia Quintanilla-Fend

Past President 2022-2024

Birgitta Sander

Secretary/Treasurer 2022-2024

John Goodlad

Scientific/Meeting Secretary 2022-2024

Snjezana Dotlic

EXCO Member 2022-2024

Lorenzo Leoncini

EXCO Member 2022-2024

Thomas Tousseyn

EXCO Member 2022-2024

Maria Rodriguez Pinilla

EXCO Member 2022-2024

Laurence de Leval

EXCO Member 2022-2024

Alexandar Tzankov

Representative of the European Bone Marrow Working Group 2022-2024

Alexandra Traverse-Glehen

EXCO Member 2022-2024

Patricia Groenen

EXCO Member 2022-2024

James Cook

Representative of the Society of Hematopathology 2022-2024