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Welcome to the Young EA4HP!

As researches we already know there is power in numbers, there is power in percentages, and that’s why we come together in the form of the EA4HP and Young EA4HP associations; because we believe in our drive to advance our research and ourselves along the way, to the best of our common ability. Alone we can do plenty, but together we can do so much more. 

The Young EA4HP is an extension of the European Association for Haematopathology that focuses on linking together pathologists with common projects and goals that have the promise to shed a new perspective on existing matters. The influx of new ideas has, through the Young EA4HP, the support it needs to develop into future action and projects.

We are a group of like-minded early career professionals with a varied background ranging from residents and scientists through general pathologists to specialists haematopathologists and researchers. We strive to build a unique, multidisciplinary community with a shared interest in haematological malignancies, a network of support to enhance your knowledge and career progression during the early years.

Join us to benefit from our upcoming webinars and events. Take part in the conversation the rapidly changing backdrop of molecular advances have brought into everyday haematopathology diagnostic practice. Connect with peers and be part of projects driving further understanding disease process in the field.

Connecting is what we do best, and through this network you can advance not only your knowledge, your career, your evolution as a young individual, but also together contribute to the weight and impact of project goals and medical research.

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