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Project 1: Dubrovnik Conference Events

The 22nd Meeting of the EA4HP will take place in Dubrovnik, Croatia on 21 – 26 September 2024. The yEA4HP has the opportunity to organise a series of activities during and after the Conference. Preparation for these activities starts now and the yEA4HP is looking for members that wish to support these activities.

To get involved please contact the yEA4HP via email at [email protected]


Project 2: Moderators for yEA4HP WhatsApp Group

Volunteers are needed to help publish news, information in the yEA4HP WhatsApp Group that is potentially of interest to the group members and help in creating polls for topics that the yEA4HP would wish to discuss.

To get involved contact the yEA4HP at [email protected]


Project 3: Regular Updates to Sections Resources and Courses & Workshops

We are looking for volunteers willing to keep an active eye out for publicly available information that would be of interest to members and collect these for the website. This includes interesting articles, research (reviews, original research, case reports, webinars, courses or workshops, case submission opportunities, etc).

We kindly ask all yEA4HP members to send all of the above to the email address of the yEA4HP secretariat [email protected]


Project 4: Fellowships and Traineeships Website Section Content

Help to write a more practical guide for young pathologists, with concrete tips on how to organise their fellowships and how to approach centres of excellence and funding opportunities.

To get involved contact the yEA4HP at [email protected]


Project 5: Regular Webinars

The webinar topics for the year 2024 will to be discussed in January of that year and the young EA4HP will host 2 webinars. Once the topics are chosen an EXCO member is assigned for support and a date is set.

To get involved please contact the yEA4HP at [email protected]