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The EA4HP was founded in 1988 in Geneva and has since been active in organizing bi-annual meetings and workshops for its members and many other interested professionals. Haematopathologists and general pathologists with a special interest in haematopathology as well as researchers active in the field of haematology/haematopathology are invited to join the EA4HP as a member, thereby supporting the EA4HP in organizing scientific and diagnostic symposia and workshops as well as educational meetings in developing countries.

The Young EA4HP is a recent initiative to allow early-career professionals to start building a network, share their experiences and begin actively participating in the discussions surrounding the rapidly evolving field of haematological malignancies.

Membership information

Young EA4HP membership is personal and requires registering as a member of the EA4HP, but has no additional cost. Canditates for the Young EA4HP can apply until they are up to 40 years old and can remain a member for at most 6 years. The benefits include all EA4HP membership benefits (educational materials, special reduced registration fees to the 2-yearly meetings of the EA4HP, discounted meeting registration) both European Association for Haematopathology meetings and Society for Hematopathology), special events, access to advertising on a job board and more, with additional content aimed at early career individuals and access to Young EA4HP communications platforms as a digital Forum, WhatsApp groups et cetera.

The annual contribution for EA4HP membership in 2022 is set at € 75,- and can be paid online with all major cards. The membership is valid for 1 calendar year and a renewal proposal is automatically sent to you annually. Cancellation must be sent in writing at the latest 1 month before the end of the year. As stated previously Young EA4HP membership brings no adittional costs.

Additional Donations

Additional special donations to EA4HP are appreciated. These funds enable EA4HP to support special educational and carrier development activities for our young members via ‘Young EAHP’, to support participation of attendants from developing countries to our 2-yearly meetings and to organize educational workshops for colleagues in developing countries.
Donations can be added to your payment via the online payment system.

Candidates and application

To apply for an EA4HP membership, an application should be submitted via the Membershop and by fully completing the application form (MS Word version).
This form must be returned together with your Curriculum Vitae + Photograph. After receiving your membership application and attachments, your application will be assessed by the EA4HP secretariat within 2 weeks.

To apply for Young EA4HP membership please fill out the additional Young EA4HP memberhip application form.

Please download your Young EA4HP membership application here:  ​Young EA4HP membership application in (MSWord).

After downloading, you can sign up and upload your documents here for a new membership.

For further information and questions please contact the secretariat.
We are looking forward to your application.