Case Submission Open EA4HP-SH 2024 | September 21 – 26 Dubrovnik, Croatia



Give the best exposure to your research and science. Submit your case to present your work in Dubrovnik. The EA4HP-SH Committee is now accepting cases.

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Lymphoma Workshop

We are actively looking for cases that demonstrate the following:

  • Atypical lymphoproliferations associated with germline or acquired genetic variants
    e.g. ALPS, CVID, A-T, XLIP, as well as RASopathies, STAT3, PIK3D etc.
  • Atypical lymphoproliferations associated with therapeutic intervention 
    e.g. Specifically, those associated with the following:  post-vaccination, DRESS, CART therapy, TKI therapy, infection, modern immunomodulators, other types of iatrogenic immunosuppression (excluding PTLD)
  • Indolent paediatric lymphomas
    e.g. paediatric marginal zone lymphoma, paediatric follicular lymphoma, primary testicular follicular lymphoma, atypical follicular hyperplasias
  • The morphological spectrum of Castleman disease and related disorders
    e.g. HHV8-positive and HHV-8 negative hyaline and multicentric Castleman´s and cases illustrating problems in differential diagnosis, such as overlap with IgG4-related diseases or  FDC proliferations
  • Lymphoid neoplasms with indolent behaviour (clonal lymphoproliferations with indolent behaviour)
    e.g. NK and T cell LPD in GIT, cutaneous MZL, duodenal FL, CD8+ acral, indolent proliferations of T-lymphoblasts


Bone Marrow Workshop

  • Reactive and therapy induced bone marrow changes linked to systemic infectious and non-infectious disorders including MAS/HLH
  • Myeloid neoplasms with evidence of the additive and/or cumulative effect of molecular genetic alterations that have “paved the way” to a specific disease category, subcategory or entity
  • Myeloid and lymphoid early/undifferentiated precursor cell neoplasms and mixed phenotype acute leukemias

Event registration opens in December 2023