Elias Campo awarded the Karl Lennert Medal ­



#EAHPSH2021 honors Professor Elias Campo from Barcelona, Spain, by rewarding him the prestigious Karl Lennert Medal. Professor Campo more than deserves this honor for his contributions to the advancement and dissemination of knowledge in heamatopathology and for his major contributions to our association.


On 28 April, 19:15–20:05 CET, Professor Campo will deliver the Karl Lennert lecture titled “From microscope to (epi)genomes and back. A shared trip”, in which he will take us full circle; starting as a resident with pure microscopic studies with classic stains to present studies on epigenomes and genomes but always with a look at what we see in the microscope and the clinics.

Celebrate with professor Elias Campo at #EAHPSH2021! The virtual Meeting is not just about you meeting the right people – it is also about the right people meeting you.

Goal and interest
To better understand the disease to provide the more precise diagnosis and the more accurate information to assist our colleagues clinicians to manage the patients.

“It has been a long journey that I hope is not at the end yet. A journey that would not have been possible without many colleagues traveling on the same boat and in the same direction. Many different types of colleagues conforming a wide and rich constellation of professionals that become friends and many fellows that came to our lab from around the world to learn and now they spread and apply the experience in their practice. I feel a deep and lingering satisfaction when I realize that our work goes far beyond our individual lives.” – Prof. Elias Campo


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