Headaches in haematopathology: turning a bad day into a good one

“Join my problem-solving session and review a series of cases of indolent to aggressive lymphoid neoplasms and how to come up with the correct diagnoses.”

Join Steven H. Swerdlow, M.D. on 25 or 26 April at 21:00 CET at #EAHPSH2021. Attend his Meet the Professor session to see an approach to dealing with lymphoid proliferations and at the same time explore some interesting cases, some of which caused major headaches for the pathologists who initially reviewed them

Steven H. Swerdlow, M.D. is a hematopathologist who has concentrated on understanding and classifying lymphoid neoplasms over an almost 4-decade long career. Dr. Steven Swerdlow is the director of a 9 faculty Division of Hematopathology that has major clinical, research and educational activities. He is an active diagnostic hematopathologist specializing in use of a multiparameter approach to lymphoid proliferations and recognized with listings in “Best Doctors” and “American’s Top Doctors”. His academic activities also relate specifically to this area including being the lead editor for the 2008 WHO monograph on the classification of hematopoietic and lymphoid tumors and its 2016 / 2017 major revision. His research efforts that have resulted in numerous publications involve the use of a multiparameter approach to better define, diagnose and understand primarily selected B-cell & T/NK cell lymphomas and the post-transplant lymphoproliferative disorders.


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